a broken piece of daughter. (the_mad_poet) wrote in spinstershut,
a broken piece of daughter.

stuck in the doorway.

hello all.

I'm not posting this to turn around and be a bigot. I've actually been meaning to post this since I made my inital post.

while I think it is important that those women (or even men) who know they do not 'need' to be with others at all times, or even every once in a while, to be satiated in their lives, I also think, at least in my recent uptake of modesty, that we shouldn't have to go around blurting this out. it is perfectly fine to state what you believe, what you follow, what you practice, what you are. but I am not totally in tune with the whole 'what you are' thing, in this respect.

a comparison good to use here would be JLo. she has this tendency to have to defend herself, what or who she "still" is. take for instance, the song "I'm real". if you know it, then...you know it. good. then there's "I'm still Jenny from the block." and she is once again defending herself. well, if she's so very...what she is...should she have to defend that all the time? if she truly is these things, shouldn't we then know it without her having to make mention of it?

this is how I feel about what or who we are. personally, I'd rather be a who than a what. but that's just me. don't get me wrong. you should be true to yourself. once in a while, if the situation arises and someone asks you about your viewpoints or personal mannerisms and takings on life, it's perfectly fine to tell them how it is that you function. but I don't think anyone, regardless of the attribute up for discussion, should have to go around saying I'm this-I'm that-I'm a punk-I'm emo (okay that's just loser-ish in itself), I'm sxe-I'm atheist-I'm what-the-hell-ever. it all sounds ridiculous to me. what are you? you're a what. one of the aforementioned labels. and labels...I don't see why anyone should need labels to know what they are. I feel this about most things.

so while I do support us and our personal decisions and outlooks, I don't think we should have to go around shouting it from the rooftops to make ourselves more authentic. it seems almost a bit contradictory to me. just be.

on that note, I hope everyone is doing well & enjoy the holiday weekend!
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