Raequel, Rose Bride Empress Returned to Reign (systris) wrote in spinstershut,
Raequel, Rose Bride Empress Returned to Reign

hello and welcome

..to all that may end up finding this community...

My name is raequel and i am a single woman of 27, i'm wary of any form of long term committed relationships, and i'm of the mindset that there is more to life than chasing the elusive Mr. Right and having some impossible dream of family,marriage and kids. i will tell you that this is after falling into that mental trap of thinking for a period of time, i've re-discovered how good it is to live for one's self and truly be free to live as one wishes.

i know that there are more women out there that are living single lives without feeling a need to follow the status quo. and so i've created this community for those who identify as spinsters, quirkyalone, quirkysluts, single by choice. i welcome all women who feel so inclined to come on and join.

i hope to not only discuss spinsterhood related topics but also about the lives we live as single women, let's talk about our hobbies, our dreams, our friends and family, our travels. this is not to be a pity party, i hope that most of the people joining up will be those who have no problem with being single and of course i should go into that other murky subject - dating/sex related issues.

i can say for myself, just because i've decided to remain single for life, doesnt mean that i want to give up sex or an occasional date either. some spinsters and/or quirkyalones feel a need to be celibate, and that is their choice. no matter how you decide to live that part of your life, you are a spinster if you feel as though you are. you shouldnt define the lifestyle according to some twisted stereotype. Single life is as varied as those who live it.

that being said on with the show! post, comment and participate; and again welcome!
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