Raequel, Rose Bride Empress Returned to Reign (systris) wrote in spinstershut,
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can i rant a minute?

i had a tense run in with my ex-fiance and his new girlfriend. its not like i wanted him back but i hated the way that they made me feel for a while. but then i remember how good life alone is treating me and now that i look at it....he did me a big favor by fucking up the relationship we had.

i never would have known the freedom of being able to follow my own path, to not be bound by obligations to others, or to have to play a role as a partner in a burdensome coupleship.

as i look at the discarded wedding crap i bought when my ex and i were together, i see how much of a racket marriage is...millions of young women are being sold into this big scam about how much ONE day out of their lives makes their whole existance valid and then the 'happily ever after' bullshit that they expect from having an overpriced fairy tale wedding. nevermind the aspect of divorce and adultery, broken and dysfunctional homes that often are a result of the skewered expectations of those misplaced dreams, as a woman you are expected to conform and seek out this dream no matter what.

that means the Rules, hurrydating, singles bars, blind dates, online personals, and all that other bullshit people try to sell you on that 'true love' lie. not to mention the movies and tv shows of the ever present neurotic woman searching for that one man to make everything finally go right in her life...as opposed to doing that for herself.
you end up in a sick cycle of kissing frogs to end up with a supposed prince. fuck all that shit. i'm glad i broke my chains, i'm damn glad to be a woman of independent means. i know the truth now....the truest love i should seek, is the love, respect and honor that i should have for myself.
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